The Monomoy Method is an integrated framework for assessing the relationship between building and business performance.  It served as a model for the methodology adopted in the World Green Building Council's landmark study, Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices: The Next Chapter in Green Building.  

The approach is based on three components:

  1. A physical assessment of building conditions.  This ranges from a detailed review of specifications to real-time monitoring of indoor environments and occupants.
  2. A perceptual survey of occupant attitudes about their indoor environments.  We have developed an easy-to-use online survey that has generated very high levels of engagement and information.
  3. A financial evaluation based on your relevant health, wellbeing and productivity metrics.  We work with you to identify metrics specific to your organization and its success, often using data you already collect.

And provides an action plan that:

  1. Benchmarks and evaluates your building in the context of standards and best practices
  2. Identifies immediate opportunities for better day-to-day management to unleash benefits quickly
  3. Assesses wider strategic options, including, but not limited to, due diligence, rent reviews, leasing decisions and fit out specifications