In other industries, sustainability is about taking things out and making the product simple. In green buildings, the typical approach is to put things in and make the product more complex.

At Monomoy we take a different view, believing that the next generation of sustainable spaces will follow a different path — one that mimics the organic, natural, “free-from” and “plant-based” categories that are now household terms.

Why? Because that is the way markets are moving, with companies chasing a growing customer base that is more discerning about, expectant of, and loyal to products that are simple, intuitive and kind.

So when our clients encounter the typical barriers to sustainability — difficulty, expense and relevance — we help them develop and present a different type of game plan. It is based on the same strategies and sensibilities that have enabled other sustainable items to go from niche to bestselling.

This is not difficult or expensive. It is much less costly and far more valuable than the conventional delivery model of sustainable buildings.

Partnering with others who share this view is both personally rewarding and environmentally pioneering. It is exactly the kind of sustainability we think works best.